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Project Code: C501473702Site Status:Active
Other Names:
Zip Code: 66937
County: CYRiver Basin:
Latitude: 39.54399Longitude:-97.24831
Program Name: Enforcement/NegotiationProject Manager:BENNETT, B.
Contaminants: Heavy Metal, Refined Petroleum

Environmental Use Control In Place ?   No
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Site Narrative:
The Site consists of approximately 1 acre, which is an undeveloped portion of the Clifton Compressor Station. At the Site address, Northern Natural Gas Company has a RCRA Small Quantity Generator permit (ID# KSD049561400) for the following wastes: ignitable waste (D001), arsenic (D004), barium (D005), cadmium (D006), chromium (D007), lead (D008), mercury (D009), selenium (D010), silver (D011), benzene (D018), 1,4-dichlorobenzenze (D027), methyl ethyl ketone (D035), tetrachloroethylene (D039) trichloroethylene (D040), spent nonhalogenated solvents (F003 and F005).

The closest surface water body is the Republican River, which is located approximately one-third mile west of the Site. Topography slopes steeply towards the River. There are no private water wells within one-half mile of the Site. Three irrigation wells and one domestic water well are located within one mile of the Site. Surrounding land use is agricultural.

NNGC was conducting excavation activities at the Site in order to prepare an area of the facility for construction of a new building, when contamination was visually observed in soils. A Limited Site Investigation (LSI) was conducted to identify and delineate the contamination and the report was submitted to the KDHE-NCDO. According to the LSI, dated June 2020, TPH-MRH was identified in soils above the Tier 2 RSK levels in the area of suspected contamination. Asbestos containing materials were also identified in the excavated soil piles. No other contaminants were identified above laboratory reporting limits. High PID readings were recorded at one probe location. Total arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, and lead were identified with concentrations above the RSK levels in groundwater; however, the results were suspect based on the potential contribution from suspended solids. Dissolved arsenic and lead were identified in groundwater above the RSK levels but were also suspect based on potential filter breakthrough. Groundwater was not observed consistently across the Site, and shallow bedrock was encountered, and exposed in the area of excavation. No other contaminants were identified above RSK levels in groundwater, including TPH. However, it should also be noted that soil and groundwater samples were not collected and analyzed for VOC’s.

The property appears to meet eligibility requirements and is accepted into the VCPRP. Based on the information submitted with the application, the contamination detected at this Site is classified as Class II Contamination with impacts to soil and potentially groundwater. The Site appears to have been impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, metals, and potentially other contaminants from an unknown source.

A Voluntary Cleanup Investigation (VCI) / Interim Remedial Measures (IRM) work plan was approved by KDHE on October 7, 2020. Soil excavation activities took place between November 10, 2020 and January 21, 2021.Additional excavation was conducted based on rush-turnaround sample results. No contaminants of concern (COCs) were identified with concentrations above the most stringent RSK levels in the final confirmation samples. MicroBlaze® was applied to the floor of the excavation. After backfilling and compaction, the area was seeded with a native grassland mixture to provide beneficial habitat and mulched to stabilize the seed.

Two piezometers were installed in the approximate location of P-13. Concentrations of barium (0.158 milligrams per liter [mg/L]) and TPH-MRH (0.074 mg/L) above the laboratory detection limits but below the Tier 2 RSK levels for residential scenarios, were identified in the water sample. The dissolved barium was considered to be likely naturally occurring. No other COCs were identified with concentrations above laboratory detection limits.

KDHE accepted the IRM/VCI Report on 3/22/2021. Public notice of KDHE's acceptance will be published in the Clay Center Dispatch on 3/24/2021. The public comment period will close on 4/7/2021.

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Actions Completed
Activity TypeActivityStartCompleted
INVESTIGATIONVoluntary Cleanup Investigation (VCI)10/07/202002/03/2021
INTERIM ACTIONInterim Remedial Measure - source10/07/202002/03/2021
REMEDIAL DESIGNVoluntary Cleanup Plan02/03/202104/08/2021

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